Welcome to innocent.monster, a website that revolves around fansites based off of things that I like. If you are new to this part of the internet, you may be confused as to what the point of this site is. In short, it is a home base for all my fansite projects and a place to learn a little bit more about the mind behind them. If you are not new, then welcome and I do hope you enjoy what you see. I've spent countless hours pouring in time and energy into building sites, or "shrines", dedicated to analysing and presenting my favorite things about my favorite fictional characters. May these sites serve as insight in a creative fangirl's mind.

Destinie ♥ Updated August 2nd, 2020 ♥ [link button/modal]

After a long hiatus I have decided to return to fansites as a hobby because I really missed making them and I miss the friendships I have created along the way. I wanted to give a little thank-you to my online friends who were so enthusiastic when I said that I wanted to return! One of the reasons I left is because I put too much pressure on myself to keep my websites updated regularly and came to see them as a chore. I now have a new perspective and each website I upload is its own work of art, of sorts. Meaning that I will be showcasing completed projects to be enjoyed as a whole. I do hope you enjoy browsing this little collective!

innocent.monster is registered through Namecheap and am hosted by Todd, who has been more than generous over the years in lending me space on his web server! I moved here from a small collective entitled "Little Wonders" after my first and previous domain, uingu-boy.net expired. Partially due to lack of funds at the time and also because the name was difficult to type and spell. I wanted to move to something that expressed my affections for the topics I cared about but also something that seemed warm and welcoming, because those attributes are something that I aim to be achieve in my every day life.

I started webdesign in 1999 when the web was young and it was a simpler time where people were still exploring what the technology could do. My very first website was on the now defunct expages.com that was, essentially, a form where you could pick what you wanted to show up on the page and it would generate it for you. My very first fansite was dedicated to Beanie Babies.

my first website!

Wow, how far the web has come! I took a break from fansites somewhere around 2004 but they are always apart of my internet routine. Even though these early shrines were used as a way to network with people before social networking, these days I see them on par with fanart, fanfiction, fanzines, and other fanworks. I continue to make fansites to help sharpen my web language skills, to network with other fans, and also to talk about things that I love in ways that I enjoy.

About the Webmistress

it's me! My name is Destinie, and yes, that is my given-name. I have been doing web design since 1999 and now work as a professional user experience designer, meaning: I work to create intuitive and easy to understand web interfaces, as well as graphic design and illustration. I majored in Illustration in college and aside from working on fansites, playing video games, reading manga and watching anime, I also draw and paint. To be honest, I have far too many hobbies. Hopefully my sites will give you a glimpse into the things that I love and do, so instead of continuing to babble, I thought I would highlight a few things I feel would help you understand more about me:

Layout Credits

This layout was designed by me featuring artwork of Shuten-Douji (Assassin) from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Images from Fate/Grand Order Wiki with textures from Pixabay and fonts from Google Fonts.

The heart of this domain is to house all my creative web-based projects. Here you will find a listing of all my projects and completed sites for your viewing pleasure.

Coming Soon

Kaminari Denki Sakamoto Ryuji Ozymandias Robin Hood Aegis Alver

Completed Character Tributes

These websites listed are considered complete works of art and will not receive any updates, as they are meant to be enjoyed as they are. Content may be outdated as some of these sites are very old. The oldest listed is from 2008.

Paladin | Lloyd Irving


A lengthy tribute to Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. This site went live in 2008 when there were numerous other Symphonia-related sites on the web. I almost didn't make this site because of it but now I am glad that I did.

Asunder | Ur


Created in 2009, Asunder is a tribute to the character Ur from the RPG for the Nintendo DS entitled Avalon Code. There is not much information to share so the shrine focus on speculation and theories.

Flight | Cooro


My first ever shrine for a manga character is dedicated to Cooro from the manga series +Anima. The series and character is under appreciated and I wanted to take the time to show how much I love the topic! Debuted in 2011.

Rock Steady | Darunia

Rock Steady

The Legend of Zelda is one of my top fandoms and Darunia is one of my favorite characters, even though he doesn't get a big role in the game(s), he leaves a lasting impression. Created in 2012 for Amassment's Minor Character Marathon.

Through Realms | Link

Through Realms

I was inspired to work on a shrine of Link when I realized I had a severe lack of Legend of Zelda shrines in my possession. Created in early 2016, this site is a wordy analysis of Link from A Link to the Past and similar incarnations.

Country Bumpkins | Komasan and Komajiro

Country Bumpkins

This fansite was created as part of Amassment's Dynamic Duos challenge. Komasan and Komajiro are adorable Shibainu brothers who are from the Youkai Watch series. This fansite also doubles as listing my Komasan collection.

Some fansites are still in the process of being moved over. Please check back at a later date.

One-Page Fansites

Grand Arcanum Immemorial Penumbra

These following are friends and people who have inspired me in many different aspects. Thanks so much to each person here who showed me so much support and friendship over the years.

Todd of Farplane.org

As Napoleon Bonaparte

Highlights: Poltergeist, Shadyside

Sarah of Ohmydarling.org

As Atalante

Highlights: Ramen and Miniskirts, Like a Boss

Robin of Withinmyworld.org

As Saint Martha

Highlights: Counter Balance, Living Words

Megan of like-knives.org

As Scathach

Highlights: Summertime Sadness, Memoria

Cherri of Piratesboard.net

As Sitonai

Highlights: Gimpa, Gentle Baker

Rosy of Rigelatin.net

As Hokusai

Highlights: Anger, I AM2

Other Noteworthy Domains are listed here. If you would be interested in a link exchange you are more than welcome to contact me at wings.of.cirrus (at) gmail.com


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